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New members are always welcome. If you are interested in joining us please come along to one of our meetings, or go to the Phone and e-mail or E-mail direct page if you want to get in touch with us.

Club News 2018-9

Open Competition November 2018

November 21st Saw our second internal competition of the year, this was ‘Open’ so we had qood number of pictures, 35 DPI’s and 22 Prints covering a wide variety of subjects, Our judge for the evening was Huw Alban, who as always gave a constructive and helpful critique of each picture, It proved to be a fruitful evening in terms of maximum 20 points with no less than 11 pictures achieving this accolade, the recipients were Meyrick Griffith-Jones with 3 (2 Prints & 1DPI) Michael Anthony, Kit Williams & Paul Dyer with 2 each for their DPI’s and Tony Cole and Roger Lush with 1 each. It was also good that one of our newest members Helen Pothecary got some creditable scores with her first ever competition entries.
Monochrome competition

The 2018-2019 Season is now truly underway with our first Internal Competition of the year, the theme for this was Monochrome, which resulted in a wide variety of great photo's in multitudinous shades of grey. Our Judge for the evening was Brian Tarling who delivered his insightful critique of each photograph with his usual good humoured banter, and constructive suggestions on the 23 Prints and 33 Dpi's awarding two full 20 points to two Prints (Shifting Sands & Minimalism (Blea Tarn) both from Meyrick Griffith-Jones, and a further three scores of 20 in the DPI's, another for Meyrick (Kimmeridge) and one each for Paul Dyer (Brecon Falls) and Amanda White (Benched), so congratulations go to them for their superb photographs.
Open Competition April 2018

We gathered on Wednesday 4th April for our final Internal Competition of the season, our Judge for the evening was John Tilsley. There were 31  Digital Images and 23 Prints for John to cast his eye over, and as always he was honest with his critique and imparted his wisdom on how each photograph could be improved if necessary. There were a surprising number of pictures which John ‘held back’ for further deliberation 9 Prints and 8 DPI’s, these pictures were the higher scoring ones, getting 18, 19 or 20 – Congratulations go to all those who had pictures held, but especially to Amanda (Cuban Chic) & Lachlan (Paul) in the DPI’s and Meyrick for his print of Kimmeridge which John was mightily impressed with, those were the recipients of a maximum 20 points!  
Open Competition

We met on Wednesday 6th December for our final meeting of 2017, and our Internal ‘Open Competition’ for which our Judge was local Wedding and Commercial photographer Graham Hiscock. Graham introduced himself and admitted that he was likely to appear a harsh judge, because he was always a harsh critic of his own work, and that coming from the commercial side of photography he wasn’t a huge devotee of Landscape or the more general types of Photography. True to his word, Graham critiqued each picture, and gave his views of possible improvements by means of cropping or conversion to monochrome, all of which was taken on board by those present, who in general felt that Graham had be a good Judge and that most of his suggestions were good and constructive. No full marks were awarded but congratulations to the following who extracted 18 points for their shots. Amanda White, Lachlan Fraser for their Digital Images Fall at Sable River Mill and Abandoned House, and to Brian Stubbs for Grand Canal Venice in the Prints.
Still Life

We were very fortunate to have Huw Alban as our judge for the Still life competition. His opening remarks was that the standard was one of the highest he has seen. I was clear that the members worked very hard to produce such a wide ranging collection of images. Yes there were a few flowers in vases, and bowls of fruit but the imagination must have worked overtime to come up with the sort of images that were presented for judging. Congratulations to Amanda, Meyrick, Brian, Mike, Ian, Paul,  Lachlan and Tony for getting top marks.
Bradford Abbas Shield

Tuesday 24th October saw us competing in the annual Bradford Abbas Shield 5 way inter-club competition, Hosted by Sherborne Bradford Abbas, with Wincanton CC, Shaftesbury CC, Yeovil CC and South Petherton Photographic Society. Each club submits 5 prints and 5 digital images on a theme, this year that was Agriculture, and saw quite a diverse interpretation of the agricultural world, Sheep featuring more prominently that anything for some reason.
The judge was Tony Oliver from Salisbury, who cast his expert eye of each picture, starting with Prints, at the end of that round we were in second place behind South Petherton, the highlight being a maximum 20 points for Rob Cochran’s ‘Farming Country’ one of only two pictures to attain 20 in the competition, so congratulations to Rob. The second round saw us holding on to second place until the final picture which let Shaftesbury overtake us, So a creditable 3rd place for us this year, the Bradford Abbas Shield went to South Petherton who really never looked like getting beaten.
Total Scores were
South Petherton 174 (91 Prints, 83 Digital) Shaftesbury 169 (82 Prints 87 Digital) Wincanton 168 (83 Prints 85 Digital) Sherborne BA 160 (80 both ) Yeovil CC 159 (77 Prints 82 Digital)
Agriculture 2017

The start of a new competition year came around quickly with Agriculture as the theme the definition of which is 'the science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products' well we certainly had a good selection from all aspects of agriculture as can be seen in the gallery. congratulations to all those who gained high marks, looks like its going to be a competitive year.
Photowalk Sherborne

The end of our club season brought us out on the streets of Sherborne in Dorset for an evening photowalk, despite a rather featureless overcast sky and dull lighting conditions eight of us pounded the streets in the hunt for some interesting images. The Abbey was heavily featured as this is the main focal point of the town, but many other interesting shots were taken.
The Q Theme

Our first themed competition of the year saw us scratching our heads over the letter Q. and what a variety of submissions we had from sweets to prisons and almost everything in between. In the end our every popular visiting judge Huw Alban gave each one the time to review and award suitable marks. Huw must have been in a generous mood as there were several top marks awarded
The high scorers on the night were Tony, Roger, Lachlan, Antony, Brian, Andrew, and Meyrick. We must congratulate Roger for getting two submissions with top marks.

Final Open Competition 2017

April 5th saw our final internal competition of the current season, this was an ‘open’ competition which saw a good variety of photographs from members, We welcomed Ian Drake as our judge, Ian from Trowbridge is an experienced photographer who still favours the use of film for his photography, but has also embraced the digital revolution. Ian’s view on photographs was refreshingly different from other competition judges as he explained that he saw no reason why the main element of a picture shouldn’t be centrally placed if it ‘made’ the picture, and he also said that he was not averse to softer focus in areas that didn’t need to be pin sharp.  We had 19 prints which Ian view first, the major success went to Brian Stubbs who attained a score of 20 for his picture “Porthmeor Surfer”, after the break Ian judged our 37 DPI’s, the most successful pictures being “Station(ary) The Rusty Caboose” by Amanda White and “Storm at Portland” by Meyrick Griffith-Jones which both scored a maximum of 20
Interclub Competition

We gathered for an Inter-Club competition on Wednesday 7th December and welcomed members from Frome Selwood Photographic Society, this was the first time our two clubs had competed against each other in a friendly competition, each side presenting 20 digital images judged by Mike Birbeck from Taunton. As usual the judges comments were considered and constructive, with sound explanations for the resulting marks, which ranged from a 10 to 20. 7 pictures were held back for final judging, resulting in 3 scores of 20 to Frome and just one for Amanda White’s Library Lines picture, our other held pictures scored 2 x19 and 1 x 18 – at the end the result was a win for Frome by a narrow margin the overall sores were Frome 314 to Wincanton’s 306 So congratulations go to Frome for their success and for making it a convivial evening
Still Life

At our last meeting, the subject was still life, some of us brought a number of items to photograph and various lighting kits, I for one with the help of Brian picked up a number of tips and techniques which when applied produced some pleasing effects. Sean kindly caught us in the act
Open - November 2016

An Open competition always produces a very mixed bag of prints and digital images, and this one was no different, everything from an old car to Gothic arches and more. Judging with this amount of diversity was always going to be difficult, how do you compare a Sweet Smelling pooch to a Olympus OM1 or a Red Panda to an Oom Pah Pah band. Not easy but two images found the top spot, Mayrick graceful Common Tern and Jim's Baubles.
2016 Open

The Corner theme was the cause of some head scratching from a least some of our members as can be seen by the many different interpretations shown in the gallery. Judging the diverse ranges of images and prints must have been a very difficult task; most were on theme with only a few being deemed too obscure to get anything but low marks.  Three members scored top marks (Jim, Michael & Roger) with Meyrick getting 19’s on all but one of his DPI’s. I was though in good company at the bottom end of the scoring !!
2016 Open

A depleted number of members, due in part to ill health, attended our final Internal Competition of the year on Wednesday 13th April, this was an open competition, so there was a good variety of different subjects to look at, We had a newly appointed WCPF Judge, Laura Pearce, who was doing her first Judging, and was fair and constructive with both her critique and scores, Man O’war Bay (Close to Durdle Door) appeared a popular subject with no less than 3 different interpretations, two scoring highly, Meyrick Griffiths Jones getting 19 for his low level moody DPI shot, and Roger Lush 20 for his print of a shot from high level, There were 3 other scores of 20 in the DPI’s so congratulations go to Amanda White for Seeing Red, Lachlan Fraser for Runaway Foal and Andrew Demora for his great monochrome portrait I’m just Posing.
2016 Open

This was the postponed open from last year, where bad weather resulted in its cancellation. As always a good selection of DPI's and more prints as we have seen for a while. We were honoured by having one of the most experienced judges in our area, and he didn't disappoint with detailed narratives on each submission, all very helpful which lead to a spread of scores, with 20’s only being given to the exceptional photographs.
2016 Architectural Heritage

This highly anticipated competition was in the end low on numbers for the evening although this did not distract from the high calibre of the submissions to hear Brian Tarling's view of our pictures on the theme of Architectural Heritage with a wide ranging selection of suitable photos, congratulations go to Mike Anthony and Tony Cole for getting 20 points for their pictures of the Pont du Gard Aqueduct and The Thames Barrier respectively, and Lachlan Fraser and Tony Cole for their scores of 20 in the DPI's for pictures of Medieval Gdansk and Stonehenge respectively.
Studio H Visit

Thanks to Graham, Trixie and their daughter Emily, Wincanton camera club members had a visit to Studio H in Wincanton.

We were first made to feel envious through a slide show of what a camera can do in the hands of professionals.

Not to be deterred we were then let loose with some expert guidance from Trixie and Graham and a lot of patience from Emily and we all pointed our cameras roughly in the right direction and hoped for the best.

Those of us who managed to hook into the lighting system I feel had the best results. High ISO, slow shutter speeds and wide open lenses has its place but not in a Studio, harsh shadows and softer images was not the effect we were looking for.

I believe we all learnt something from last night and look forward to putting some of the techniques into use in the near future.

* * * * * * *

Stourhead Workshop

In the capable hands of Huw Alban about 10 members of Wincanton Camera Club ventured into Stourhead for an autumn workshop today. to say it was busy was an understatement but we did managed to find a few spots where photos without fellow visitors could be taken. Huw as always was a delight to have leading the workshop and I think all of us gained something from the six hours of walking and snapping. Keep revisiting the site to see a collection of the photos from the day.

To see all the photos from today's workshop please click HERE

* * * * * * *

Bradford Abbas Shield

4 members of the club attended this year’s Bradford Abbas Shield competition, at Bradford Abbas Village Hall, there was a good crowd from all 5 participating clubs, to hear what Judge, Mike Birbeck thought of a selection of Prints (5 per club) and DPI’s (5 per Club) on the theme of ‘Umbrellas’ . Mike was unquestionably fair, and where he felt a picture didn’t entirely meet the brief he marked the score down. 

At the end of the first round (Prints) Wincanton were in 2nd place with 89points 2 points behind Yeovil, who received two 20 point scores. Wincanton received two scores of nineteen, Sky High (Jim Eastaugh) and Umbrella Up’s & Down’s (Roger Lush)

Following the tea break, we viewed the DPI’s, Wincanton came out on top in this round with 88 points but it wasn’t quite sufficient to overcome Yeovil who were the 2015 winners. The Judge though did single out Jim Eastaugh’s DPI entitled Topside, (see picture) the only dpi picture awarded a full 20 points, as being by far the strongest and best picture of the evening, so congratulations to Jim on that accolade.

The final Scores were as follows:

Yeovil 178, Wincanton 177, Sherborne, Bradford Abbas 171, Shaftesbury 164, South Petherton 163

* * * * * * *


This was an interesting subject and the first of our themed completions for the new season.

You will see from the range of photographs submitted that this was a diverse subject with many interpretation of was on the face of it was a simple subject - Far from it we all learnt whilst preparing our submissions.

Entries were submitted with views from across the globe, from simple single shadows to complex compositions and a few head scratching shadows that defied description or understanding.

As always our guess judge took it in his stride and after some friendly banter selected some of the best shots for the top marks. Roger and Les took top marks for the DPI's whilst  Michael together with Tony took top honours in the prints.

The standard as ever was very high, which sets us up nicely for an interesting end of year Open competition in December.

* * * * * * *

Wincanton Library Exibition

Each year the Wincanton Library hosts a display of photographs taken by members of the Wincanton Camera Club over the last twelve months. This year the exhibition runs from Saturday August 15th until Saturday September 5th. Photographic themes are taken from the Club’s competitions held in the last year.

Visitors can see interpretations of the subjects ‘Water’ and ‘Food’, as well as two ‘Open’ competitions where no specific subject was set. Visitors have the opportunity to vote for their favourite photograph in the exhibition, which will be displayed in the Library after the exhibition closes.

Last year there were well over 100 votes cast and the result eagerly awaited by Club members hopeful of achieving the town’s accolade.

So if you are a keen photographer or just like to look at pictures and you have a few minutes to spare please visit the Library. If the exhibition inspires you, why not come along to our fortnightly meetings held in the Adult Education Centre at King Arthur’s School - new members are always welcome.

* * * * * * *

2014-15 Season

The Food Chain

Our latest competition was titled The Food Chain, for some, me included this proved to be a difficult subject, how can you portray a topic like The Food Chain in print without too much emphasis on Photoshop manipulations.

Well, from the spread of photos submitted quite easily seems to be the answer.  

The imagination of members submitting both DPI’s and Prints knows no boundaries unless  like me you submit a Monochrome to be judged by someone not overly keen on just a few shades of grey.  

Mil Chimley our judge for the evening had her work cut out and as always offer constructve Critic on all our submissions but in the end the best photos were the winners

* * * * * * *

Open Competition

We welcomed back a very popular and talented judge Huw Alban for our final open competition of the year.

A real mixed bag of subjects from all over the world, including exquisite landscapes, pets, flora & fauna, and a beautiful portrait.

Huw, as ever constructive in his comments was given a hard task as the standard seemed higher than ever as shown in the number of top marks awarded.

A good end to yet another year of competitions, the bar is high for this coming September.

* * * * * * *

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