Photography - Weblinks

Photographic companies

Cotswold Mounts offer very reasonable photo mounts, backing boards
Fotospeed Company specialising in photo papers, inks and printing systems
Lacock Photography courses and tuition
Lee Filters

Camera manufacturing companies

Canon UK manufacturer of cameras and related products
Nikon UK manufacturer of cameras and related products
Olympus manufacturer of cameras and optical equipment
Panasonic Lumix cameras
Sony UK cameras
Leica cameras UK

Photography Federations

The International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP)
The Photographic Association of Great Britain
North and East Midlands Photographic Federation
Northern Counties Photographic Federation
Midland Counties Photographic Federation
Southern Counties Photographic Federation
Western Counties Photographic Federation
Yorkshire Photographic Union

Photographic Organisations

Association of Photographers
British Photographic Exhibitions (BPE)
Martin Parr Foundation, Paintworks, Bristol
Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB)
The Royal Photographic Society (RPS)
The Societies of Photographers
Photographic Collectors' Club of Great Britain
Photographic Society of America (PSA)

Photo Sharing websites

500px website
Flickr website
YouPic website

Stock photo sites stock photos
Getty Images
Shutterstock photos stock photos
Adobe Stock photos
iStock photo images

Photographic Salons

Basingstoke Salon
BRISTOL SALON - Bristol Photographic Society
Cheltenham International Salon
Cotswold Monochrome Salon
Frome Wessex Salon 2018 - Frome Wessex Camera Club
Hoylake Photographic Society - International Digital Exhibition
Landscape Photographer of the Year - Take a View
Newton Abbot Photographic Club - Salon 2017
Northern Counties Salon
Scottish International Salon
Smethwick International Photographic Salon
Southampton International Exhibition of Photography
Southport Photographic Society Salon
Watford Photographic Salon
West Cumbria Photo Group
Winchester Photographic Society
Wyvern Photo Salon
Yorkshire International Salon
Yorkshire Salon

Photography Applications

Adobe Color - Colour wheel application
Adobe Lightroom online On-line version of Adobe Lightroom
CaptureOne software - image processing software alternative to Lightroom
Depth of Field Master helps you calculate the depth of field for various distances, focal lengths and apertures.
MagicLantern software available to download for Camera Clubs to create and run Projected Digital Image (PDI) competitions.
Photographers' Ephemeris Web App
PhotoPills helps plan your location photo shoot
PhotoPills Depth of Field calculator
PhotoPills Hyperfocal Table
Set a light - by Elixxier Software. VR software for setting up Studio Lights
Sun Calc -Free app for planning sun position - a web based application for transferring up to 2GB of files at a time to any e-mail address for free

YouTube Vloggers

Adorama TV - video vlogs from a range of photographers on different topics
Zack Arias
Simon Baxter landscape photographer specialising in Woodland
B&H Photography Store videos - lots of quality videos on all sorts of topics including lectures
Mike Browne
Nev Cartledge Photographic vlogger from a campervan - great videos and very amusing!
Fenna Photography - Baby and newborn photography
First Man Photography
Matt Granger
Gary Gough
Thomas Heaton
Gavin Hoey
Scott Kelby
Matt Kozlowski for Lightroom and Photoshop advice
Jason Lanier
Phillip McCordall - excellent advice from a skilled professional
Peter McKinnon
Joe McNally
Anthony Morganti skilful editing with Lightroom
Tony & Chelsea Northrup
Daniel Norton
PixImperfect Photoshop expert tutorials
Serge Ramelli Photography Photography, Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials
Joannie Simon - The Bite Shot food photographer
Mark Smith - American nature photographer
Sean Tucker Photography
Mark Wallace

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