Wincanton Camera Club competition rules

1. A number of nominated internal competitions will be held each year and the results will contribute to the club's annual awards. For these competitions there will normally be two categories of entries: one for prints and one for digitally projected images (DPIs), either colour or black and white. They may be commercially or home processed. Digitally processed images are acceptable but must be based on an original image produced by the entrant. A member may submit up to 2 prints and 3 DPIs.

2. Prints may be of any size, but larger prints/mounts are almost always more impressive. All prints should be mounted (not exceeding 400 x 500 mm) and should have a title and the entrant's name on the back.

DPIs should have a title and the entrant‘s name but this information must be provided in a manner which does not result in the details being projected onto the screen. DPI competition entries must be submitted (on a disc or a memory stick not less than two weeks prior to the competition.

Entries should preferably be not more than 3 years old.

3. Where a print or DPI has been entered in an Open competition the same print or DPI may be entered in a nominated competition. Similarly a print or DPI which has been entered in a nominated competition may be entered in an Open competition. However no print or DPI shall be entered in more than two competitions.

4. For all club competitions the Competition Secretary will arrange for a judge who is not a club member to be invited. The judge will award points to each print and DPI entered in the competition: each entry will be marked out of 20 points.

The judge will be asked to use a wide range of marks to make clear the relative merits of the entries. The judge will also be asked, in awarding points, to pay particular regard to the success of the entry in interpreting the set subject. If, in the judge's opinion, a particular entry does not meet the subject then it will not be awarded any points.

Technical competence, presentation and pictorial merit are clearly important supporting features, but any one of these on their own will not qualify for a high mark: the interpretation of the subject will be of paramount importance.

Although the judge can be expected to award a low mark for some entries, this should not be taken to mean that they are of little merit and will only be used to indicate relative merit. Such marks, together with the constructive comments of the judge, will be intended to help members to achieve ever higher standards for club competitions.

5. The points awarded for each entry in the nominated competitions will be recorded by the Competition Secretary and the total score in each section recorded for each member towards the club annual awards. At the end of each club year the member with the highest cumulative number of points for prints will be awarded the L F Folkes Memorial Cup and the member with the highest cumulative number of points for DPIs will be awarded the Secretary's Shield; these awards will be held for one year only.

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