Photographs and scores for the Open competition September 10th 2023

Digitally Projected Images
Title Photographer Points
Eagle about to catch bait Paul Dyer 14
Water patterns Paul Dyer 15
Evening glow Paul Dyer 11
Nature's clock Michael Anthony 12
Padlock Michael Anthony 13
Reflections Michael Anthony 13
Alone on the beach Roger Lush 12
Sunset Foxglove Roger Lush 12
Un Oeuf is enough Roger Lush 13
Man - passage of COVID Amanda Checkley 15
Stones - Meditation time Amanda Checkley 11
Helicopter take-off Amanda Checkley 11
Dawn at Hinton Adie Ray 13
Leaning towards the light Adie Ray 12
Reflections 2 Adie Ray 18
City of London Lachlan Fraser 11
Signing the book Lachlan Fraser 12
Young love Lachlan Fraser 12
Deep in thought David Foster 15
Evening light at the mill David Foster 15
Incoming tide David Foster 12
Buoys Graham Coleman 12
Lonely walk Graham Coleman 14
Mill View Graham Coleman 15
Burnham Lighthouse at sunset Andrew Washington 12
Learning to retrieve Andrew Washington 11
The Court Jester at Templecombe pageant Andrew Washington 11
Bella's Pony Brian Stubbs 15
Master Gunner Brian Stubbs 13
Uphill canter Brian Stubbs 15

Printed Images
Title Photographer Points
Buzzard on lookout Paul Dyer 15
Bearded Tit Paul Dyer 15
Juvenile Skylark Paul Dyer 13
Bankside trees Michael Anthony 12
Canal barge bar Michael Anthony 12
Mill pond Michael Anthony 14
Howzat Roger Lush 14
Lady of legend Roger Lush 14
Sturminster Mill Roger Lush 15
Whoosh Amanda Checkley 18
Hello Peeps Amanda Checkley 13
Bennetts' Watergarden Amanda Checkley 14
Dorset Post Adie Ray 14
Layers Adie Ray 18
Bennet's Watergarden bridge Adie Ray 14
Burlington Arcade Lachlan Fraser 17
Just stop oil Lachlan Fraser 12
Emerging from the dust Andrew Washington 14
Red billed Queleas feeding Andrew Washington 14
Sturminster Mill Andrew Washington 15
Reading the cards Brian Stubbs 18
Reflecting on life Brian Stubbs 17
Yorkshire rainbow Brian Stubbs 16
Watching the competition Kit Williams 17
Early morning Balachulish Kit Williams 15
Loch Leven Kit Williams 14
Bob Tony Cole 16

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