Photographs and scores for the 2nd OPEN competition February 23rd 2022

Digitally Projected Image
Title Photographer Points
Julius Caesar Paul 16
Self Silhouette Paul 18
Sailor men silhouetted Paul 15
Moonlighting Photographer Brian 19
Jockey and horse Brian 17
Face to face Brian 16
Lampost Michael 18
War Memorial Michael 14
Wood pigeon Michael 16
Fontenay Abbey Mick 15
Fontenay Abbey 2 Mick 13
Fontenay Statue Mick 14
Dancing Shadows Lachlan 15
Angel of the North Lachlan 16
Once upon a time in a wood far away Roger 16
They also server who stand and wait Roger 20
Treetop walkway silhouette Roger 15
Burnham Pier - an alternative view David 15
Shadows on a sunny afternoon David 16
Silhouettes at sunrise David 16
Walking into the light Amanda 14
Telephone home Amanda 13
Blue sky dreaming silhouette Amanda 17
Corfe Castle Meyrick 17
Corfe Castle Sunrise Meyrick 16
Rawlsbury old fort Meyrick 19
Selfie Tony 19
Shadow Tony 14
Silhouette Tony 16
Looking yonder Graham 17
Walk to the edge Graham 16
Woodland Shadows Graham 18
Dragon fly Kit 14

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