Photographs and scores for the Woodland competition December 8th 2021

Digitally Projected Image
Title Photographer Points
Dartmoor Ancient Wood Lachlan 14
Birch Blur Lachlan 16
May Morning Jim 16
Sunlit Meyrick 18
Light rays coming through Paul 17
Brilliant Beech Brian 20
Woodland Walk Brian 18
Soft light Meyrick 20
Long way out Tracy 16
Woodland Path Tony 16
Autumn Logging Jim 16
Golden Leaves Tony 17
Path to the unknown Tracy 16
My weekend wigwam retreat Tracy 15
Beam of sunlight amidst bluebells Brian 20
Woodland canopy Tony 15
Cucklington Wood Lachlan 15
A woodland walk David 15
Archway to Chase Woods Paul 19
Woodland Canopy Roger 16
Stalking tower Roger 16
Keeping a lookout David 18
Glowing moss tree Paul 16
A walk down the avenue David 19
Autumn glory Meyrick 19
Heavens above Jim 15
Standing stone in the woods Roger 17
Woodland evening light Graham 16
Woodland late sun Graham 16
Woodland mist Graham 15
Arboreal curl Kit 18
Arboreal guard of honour Kit 18
Breath of life Amanda C 14
Duct in the wood Amanda C 15
Felling the wood Amanda C 14
Nature invites a walk Kit 15

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