Photographs and scores for the Tranquility competition April 21st 2021

Digitally Projected Image
Title Photographer Points
Resting sheep Lachlan Fraser 17
Embleton Bay dawn Lachlan Fraser 15
Sweet Dreams Jim Eastaugh 18
Japanese Tea Garden Lachlan Fraser 14
The Stream Tony Cole 16
Picnic Tony Cole 16
The Castle Tony Cole 17
Peace at the bay Paul Dyer 20
The boat house Rydal Water Meyrick Griffith-Jones 19
The Stour Eye Bridge Wimborne Meyrick Griffith-Jones 15
Aground Meyrick Griffith-Jones 16
Peaceful nap Jim Eastaugh 18
Forest Lake Brian Stubbs 16
Mare Tranquillitatis Brian Stubbs 16
Scented candles Brian Stubbs 16
Meadows Paul Dyer 15
Relaxing Time Paul Dyer 14
Tranquil lake Jim Eastaugh 15
Tranquility Vista Amanda Checkley 14
Tranquility me time Amanda Checkley 18
Tranquility forget me not Amanda Checkley 15
Time to relax reflect and contemplate Tracy Walsh 15
Enjoy nature forget time Tracy Walsh 15
Unstoppable beautiful force Tracy Walsh 14
A place to sit and dream Kit Williams 17
Morning Stillness Kit Williams 18
A way in to rest Kit Williams 17

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