Photographs and scores for the OPEN competition February 24th 2021

Digitally Projected Image
Title Photographer Points
A walk in the woods - Bonsley Common Meyrick Griffith-Jones 17
Absent friend Meyrick Griffith-Jones 18
Alex Hua Tian Brian Stubbs 20
Arcade Michael Anthony 14
Blue House Red flower Roger Lush 16
Cormorant Ian Middleton 16
Cornish Cliff top Jim Eastaugh 16
Early Crocus Jim Eastaugh 14
Evening at the Quay David Foster 15
Evening mist Tony Cole 14
Forgotten barn Lachlan Fraser 13
Frosty old trees Paul Dyer 16
Inversion Michael Anthony 15
January Bloom (Cornus Mas) Jim Eastaugh 19
Kenzie Roger Lush 16
Lakeside picnic Rob Cochran 14
Life saver Tony Cole 15
Mist coming in Paul Dyer 19
Not another broadcast from Boris Lachlan Fraser 13
Racehorse waiting Kit Williams 19
Rescue team Tony Cole 14
Seeing the light Paul Dyer 14
Spaniel Portrait Brian Stubbs 18
Storm Alex Meyrick Griffith-Jones 18
The Carthorse Roger Lush 15
The Kite flyers Michael Anthony 15
The old stile Lachlan Fraser 13
Two Fliers Brian Stubbs 16
You're supposed to sit on it Rob Cochran 16
Bewitched David Foster 16
Penny for your thoughts David Foster 18

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