Photographs and scores for the RUINS competition December 9th 2020

Digitally Projected Image
Title Photographer Points
Nunney Castle Michael Anthony 15
Farm Ruin Jim Eastaugh 16
Cwmorthin Lachlan Fraser 16
Old Laundry House, Horsington Michael Anthony 17
Old Cornwall Jim Eastaugh 17
Glastonbury Ruins Roger Lush 17
Cutt Mill B&W Paul Dyer 15
Old Weston Pier Paul Dyer 19
Launceton Castle Tony Cole 17
Okehampton Castle Tony Cole 16
Conwy Castle Michael Anthony 20
Sherborne Old Castle Lachlan Fraser 19
Corfe Meyrick Griffith-Jones 18
Knowlton Church Lachlan Fraser 16
Evening at Fountains Abbey David Foster 16
Into the light at Fountains Abbey David Foster 17
Symmetry at Fountains Abbey David Foster 19
Bere Marsh Barn Meyrick Griffith-Jones 17
Cutt Mill Meyrick Griffith-Jones 15
Priory Ruins Roger Lush 18
Corfe Castle Tony Cole 17
Milking Parlour Ruins Roger Lush 19
Abbey Bury St. Edmunds Paul Dyer 15
Wardour Castle James Eastaugh 20
Ruined by Jack Frost Ian Middleton 16
Athelney Window Caroline Hunt 16
Flavian Amphitheatre - Rome Brian Stubbs 17
Glebe Shaft Engine House Kit Williams 18
House of Mysteries - Pompeii Brian Stubbs 17
It ruined their day Rob Cochran 18
Knowlton Church Brian Stubbs 16
Some old stones Rob Cochran 18
Strata Florida Arch Caroline Hunt 16
The Gants Bite Kit Williams 16
Where once an engine stood Kit Williams 16

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