Photographs and scores for the Atmosphere themed competition April 22nd 2020

Digitally Projected Image
Title Photographer Points
Egdon Heath Michael Anthony 15
City Dawn Michael Anthony 17
View from Schilthorn Michael Anthony 16
Rob Cochran
Rob Cochran
Rob Cochran
Not all gloom and doom Tony Cole 14
Peaceful Tony Cole 13
Tony Cole
Graham Colman
Graham Colman
Graham Colman
Carpet of mist Paul Dyer 14
Misty Woods Paul Dyer 19
View from the plane - Mount Teide Paul Dyer 15
Alpine Morning Jim Eastaugh 15
Phantom Island Jim Eastaugh 13
Sea Mist Jim Eastaugh 13
Knowlton votive view Lachlan Fraser 17
Storm Approaching Luskentyre Lachlan Fraser 16
Tundra Lachlan Fraser 20
Gathering storm - Hodge Close Meyrick Griffith-Jones 18
Dorset Stour - Spetisbury Meyrick Griffith-Jones 17
Twilight Edge from Bulbarrow Meyrick Griffith-Jones 16
Fire Rainbow Roger Lush 19
Misty morning mono Roger Lush 16
Morning sun rays Roger Lush 19
Ian Middleton
Ian Middleton
Ian Middleton
Cosy Corner Helen Pothecary 14
Tango Helen Pothecary 15
The Curve Helen Pothecary 20
British troops in Boston Brian Stubbs 14
Smoke damages petals Brian Stubbs 18
Up where the air is clear Brian Stubbs 13
Amanda White
Amanda White
Amanda White
Braving the storm Kit Williams 16
The Levels awaken Kit Williams 20
The Ocean and Sun Kit Williams 18

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