Photographs and scores for the Open competition September 25th 2019

Digitally Projected Image Prints
Title Photographer Points Title Photographer Points
Brazen Hussey Michael Anthony 18 Hillside Michael Anthony 17
Discarded Slate Michael Anthony 16 Beachcomber Michael Anthony 15
Secluded pond Michael Anthony 16 Wareham quay Michael Anthony 16
Happy Hour Graham C 19 Early morning arrival Graham C 18
Lily Graham C 20 Hats in shop Graham C 18
Red Lifebelt Graham C 19 Orchid White Graham C 20
Eagle Owl Rob Cochran 20 Light in the darkness Rob Cochran 18
Single Seater Rob Cochran 17 Remembered at Omaha beach Rob Cochran 19
Rob Cochran Rob Cochran
Going down Tony Cole 20 Henrhyd falls Tony Cole 17
There must be an easier way in Tony Cole 19 Serenity Toney Cole 17
Tony Cole Staubach falls Tony Cole 18
Mount Teide pano Paul Dyer 17 Barn Owl stomp Paul Dyer 20
Nesting time Paul Dyer 20 Gliding Gannet Paul Dyer 19
We are watching Paul Dyer 19 St Abb's Head Paul Dyer 19
Fuchsias Jim Eastaugh 19 Gourds harvest Jim Eastaugh 17
Lady in waiting Jim Eastaugh 20 September Medley Jim Eastaugh 18
Jim Eastaugh Jim Eastaugh
Jim Eastaugh Jim Eastaugh
Carnival Lachlan Fraser 16 A fair wind Lachlan Fraser 18
Cowes Week Lachlan Fraser 17 No.24 Calbourne Lachlan Fraser 19
Last Train Lachlan Fraser 18 Lachlan Fraser
Portland first light title Meyrick Griffith-Jones 19 Winter morning - Win Hill Meyrick Griffith-Jones 20
Pulpit rock Meyrick Griffith-Jones 20 Passing storm - Peverill Point Meyrick Griffith-Jones 20
Sixpenny Handley Meyrick Griffith-Jones 20 Evening Hambeldon Hill Meyrick Griffith-Jones 20
34046 Pink Wood Roger Lush 18 Sophie Roger Lush 19
St Audrey's Bay waterfall Roger Lush 18 Duchess passing Roger Lush 17
Tyneham village Roger Lush 17 It's that barn again Roger Lush 18
Derelict riverside Ian Middleton 18 Ian Middleton
Snowdon from inside the horseshoe Ian Middleton 16 Ian Middleton
Ian Middleton Ian Middleton
Just missed Helen Pothecary 19 Lemons Helen Pothecary 20
Pink Helen Pothecary 20 Helen Pothecary
Helen Pothecary Helen Pothecary
Lotus flower Brian Stubbs 16 Mollie title Brian Stubbs 20
One amongst many Brian Stubbs 19 Monet Bridge Brian Stubbs 17
Splash Brian Stubbs 18 Tulip Brian Stubbs 18
Amanda White Amanda White
Amanda White Amanda White
Amanda White Amanda White
Focussed spaniels Kit Williams 19 Kit Williams
The Beech Kit Williams 17 Kit Williams
Windy willows Kit Williams 18 Kit Williams

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