Photographs and scores for the Open competition March 13th 2019

Projected Prints
Title Photographer Points Title Photographer Points
A tourist tableau Michael Anthony 19 A grand day out Michael Anthony 19
Floral patterns Michael Anthony 20 Lakeside Glade Michael Anthony 14
At rest Michale Anthony 17 Early Autumn Colours Michael Anthony 17
Keeping watch Rob Cochran 17 One man amongst the missing Rob Cochran 17
You don't get away that easily Rob Cochran 17 Beeches and bluebells Rob Cochran 18
Fire escape Tony Cole 19 Mt Tidy from Gomorah Tony Cole 14
Mt Teidel Tony Cole 16 Waiting Tony Cole 20
No Escape Tony Cole 16 The Crypt Tony Cole 17
Knot Graham C 18
Rusty latch Graham C 18
Seat in sepia Graham C 17
Win Hill Paul Dyer 19 Little Egret Paul Dyer 20
Charging swan Paul Dyer 18 Posing Curlew Paul Dyer 19
Eype Bay Paul Dyer 20 Buttermere Paul Dyer 18
What's down the hole Jim Eastaugh 19 Early Bumblebee Jim Eastaugh 16
Stokes Croft Graffitti Lachlan Fraser 18 Loch Cruist Lachlan Fraser 20
Paintworks Bristol Lachlan Fraser 18 Sun art oak woods Lachlan Fraser 18
Snowdrop Lachlan Fraser 19 Hebrides gale force 9 imminent Lachlan Fraser 14
Storm Diane November Meyrick Griffith-Jones 20 Portland from Wear Hill Meyrick Griffith-Jones 20
Swanage old pier Meyrick Griffith-Jones 20 Grey day Hodge Close Meyrick Griffith-Jones 20
Colmers Hill Meyrick Griffith-Jones 19 Corfe Castle in sky Meyrick Griffith-Jones 20
Leaving paradise Roger Lush 17 Water wheel Roger Lush 15
Early train Roger Lush 17 Wild flower meadow Roger Lush 18
Bay of Kotor Roger Lush 16 Croatian street Roger Lush 20
Where sheep may safely graze Ian Middleton 14
Spiral staircase pattern Ian Middleton 19
Costa Brava harbour Ian Middleton 15
5 and 9 Brian Stubbs 20 Fallen Brian Stubbs 18
Over the fence Brian Stubbs 20 Misty walk Brian Stubbs 19
Clearing the hurdle Brian Stubbs 19 Oaktree at sunset Brian Stubbs 18
Graffitti ball Amanda White 19
Incoming Amanda White 19
Evil Vice Amanda White 19
River Dart Kit Williams 19 He said it would be fun Kit Williams 17
Arboreal determination Kit Williams 19 Road in March Kit Williams 18
The Beach Kit Williams 16 Working parent Kit Williams 18

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