Photographs and scores for the Animals competition April 24th 2019

Projected Prints
Title Photographer Points Title Photographer Points
Michael Anthony Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony Michael Anthony
Give us a kiss Rob Cochran 17 The Hunter Rob Cochran 20
Going Deep Rob Cochran 14 Rob Cochran
Husky Tony Cole 14 Sheep Tony Cole 16
Kea Tony Cole 15 Shire Horse Tony Cole 15
Shire Tony Cole 13 Tony Cole
Birds of a feather Graham C 15 Symmetry in motion Graham C 15
William Graham C 13 Look into my eyes Graham C 16
Yah Boo Sucks Graham C 15 I'm watching you Graham C 16
Bonnie Paul Dyer 20 My old pet Skye Paul Dyer 17
Cormorant Paul Dyer 16 Gazing Otter Paul Dyer 17
Stag Paul Dyer 17 Love Swans Paul Dyer 18
Early Bumble Bee Jim Eastaugh 19 Garden spider Jim Eastaugh 19
Face to Face Jim Eastaugh 19 Common Frog Jim Eastaugh 17
Garden Ornament Jim Eastaugh 16 Mother love Jim Eastaugh 15
Icelandic Horse Lachlan Fraser 17 European Bison Lachlan Fraser 17
Meerkat Lachlan Fraser 16 Lachlan Fraser
Tamworths Lachlan Fraser 13 Lachlan Fraser
Close Encounter - Tarangine National Park Meyrick Griffith-Jones 13 Grubby Child Meyrick Griffith-Jones 20
Coy Lady Meyrick Griffith-Jones 16 Searching (Leopard) Serenghetti Meyrick Griffith-Jones 20
Getting a cob on Meyrick Griffith-Jones 18 Into the Blue Meyrick Griffith-Jones 19
The Frog Roger Lush 12 Common Blue Roger Lush 15
Curious Kitten Roger Lush 12 On Ilkley Moor Baa Baa Baa T'hat Roger Lush 15
Behind the veil Roger Lush 17 On the alert Roger Lush 16
Irridescent Beetle Ian Middleton 14 Ian Middleton
Shoveller Duck Ian Middleton 15 Ian Middleton
Teal Ian Middleton 14 Ian Middleton
Frog on leaf Helen Pothecary 15 Helen Pothecary
Butterfly Helen Pothecary 14 Helen Pothecary
? Helen Pothecary 15 Helen Pothecary
Salmon leap Brian Stubbs 14 Collecting pollen Brian Stubbs 19
Maisie Brian Stubbs 15 Cocker Spaniel Brian Stubbs 16
Race horses Brian Stubbs 14 Flying Brian Stubbs 17
Angel Eyes Amanda White 16
Mona Monkey Amanda White 14
Groundhog Day Amanda White 19
Attentive Pup Kit Williams 15 Flooded levels Springer Kit Williams 18
Fox at the watering hole Kit Williams 17 An Otter takes the plunge Kit Williams 18
Frog Kit Williams 18 Flamingos and the water drop Kit Williams 16

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