Photographs and scores for the Monochrome competition September 26th 2018

Projected Prints
Title Photographer Points Title Photographer Points
Benched Amanda White 20 Norman the Steam Engine Brian Stubbs 17
Beaumaris Pier Andrew Demora 17 People like us Brian Stubbs 17
The Engine Driver Brian Stubbs 17 People like us Brian Stubbs 17
Dead Tree Ian Middleton 16 The Happy Couple Brian Stubbs 19
Sao Bento Ribeira Brava Jim Eastaugh 18 Bridges Mike Anthony 17
Office Workers of Gdansk Lachlan Fraser 17 Home Run Mike Anthony 17
Kimmeridge Meyrick Griffith-Jones 20 Terrace Mike Anthony 17
Stairway Mike Anthony 16 Hay Loft Paul Dyer 18
Brecon Falls Paul Dyer 20 Milking Parlour Paul Dyer 19
Black and White Beach Huts Roger Lush 18 Swan Paul Dyer 18
Into the light Tony Cole 16 Hamptworth Rob Cochran 16
Forgotten Tracks Amanda White 17 Sacrifice Rob Cochran 16
No passage landward Andrew Demora 16 Lord Dowding Roger Lush 17
Flying Scotsman Uphill Brian Stubbs 17 Beach Huts Roger Lush 16
Weather and rain have undone it Ian Middleton 16 Pithers Yard Roger Lush 19
Standing Stone Jim Eastaugh 18 Rovinj Street Tony Cole 17
Tate Modern Lachlan Fraser 16 Atlantic Lookout - Funchai Jim Eastaugh 16
Solitude Meyrick Griffith-Jones 19 Storm (Picos Europa) Meyrick Griffith-Jones 18
The Morning After Mike Anthony 16 Diocletian Palace Tony Cole 16
Cans Paul Dyer 17 Shifting Sands Meyrick Griffith-Jones 20
Trees in the Mist Roger Lush 18 Winter Garden Jim Eastaugh 18
Secluded Tony Cole 16 Passau Cathedral Tony Cole 18
Library Lines Amanda White 19 Birch Bark Jim Eastaugh 16
Swaledale Ewe Brian Stubbs 19 Minimalism - Blae Tarn Meyrick Griffith-Jones 20
Recession Rob Cochran 15
Wengen Alpine View Ian Middleton 17
Spherical Objects Rob Cochran 17
Volunteer Mason Lachlan Fraser 18
Sophie Meyrick Griffith-Jones 19
The Old Leet Mike Anthony 15
Weston Crossing Paul Dyer 18
35028 Speeding East Roger Lush 18
Tromso Cathedral Tony Cole 17

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