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Tony is the club's chairman. This image is one taken on his travels.

Afternoon chat

I like to take photographs of people but this does pose problems. Should you seek their permission first or simply take the photograph as discreetly as possible from a distance? Most people would probably say, "Ask their permission", but it is so often the case that the subject then becomes camera conscious and the very thing which you want to capture is lost.

This image was taken in a town square in Bavaria. I had been walking around looking for the best place to photograph some of the interesting architecture.

Two obviously local gentlemen were enjoying a chat sitting on a bench in the afternoon sun. I looked round for a suitable angle from which to take the shot with the least distracting background. I was very pleased when they were joined by their chum, the larger chap in the red t-shirt.

Apart from cropping the image in order to make the bench and its occupants the centre of attention, manipulation was limited largely to trying to tone down the distracting background, particularly the stacks of white plastic chairs. The picture was taken on a Canon 50D SLR camera with a 15 - 85 mm zoom lens.

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