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Meyrick joined the club in 2013.

This photo, "Red patent" was a top scorer in our second Open competition of 2013.

Red patent

I've always liked  doing black on black or white on white, just because it's fun to get the exposure right.

A friend's girlfriend had bought these red shoes which she just loved - would I photograph them? Well red and black would go well, and the black would make the red stand out; the trick, I thought, was to light it so that the legs were separated from the background, so one didn't end up with disembodied feet.

The concept was as the photo - edge lighting to separate legs from background. Black hessian on a bench for a "floor" on the diagonal to create a small diagonal and provide something for the picture to walk on (and allow for a black foreground). Everything else to be black except the shoes.

The thing hinged on the lighting, so one light was set upper front right set to give me F5.6 (ASA400), and the distance adjusted to get the floor to give about F4 (or -1 stop) otherwise the picture would have no "height". It needed a rear edge light so a second light was set to minimum to the left, just to highlight the back of the legs a tad, and that was it. Click.

Photoshop - this was a raw of course, so the exposure was adjusted slightly to get that dead on, and it was denoised. The shadows and highlights filter was used to get the edge lighting right with the mid tones isolated. Finally, anything on the background that wasn't a perfect black was made so with a large fluffy selection and a levels layer to force the black point.

It was, in fact, a very simple setup and it took no time at all! Sometimes one is lucky to have a good idea and be able to see it all in one.

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