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Andrew is a recent recruit to the club. This is currently one of his favourite images.


Size really does matter

I would like to think that my interest in photography rests with wildlife and landscapes. Since joining the Wincanton Camera Club this view has changed somewhat, having seen the submissions to the competitions and just what can be achieved with some imagination and technical skills.

One of my wildlife photos that I particular like is this female Kingfisher, taken last November from Canada Hide on the Somerset Levels. It’s not perfect; the camera sensor is small so noise is a little higher than I would normally like, but the saying is that the best photo is taken with the camera you have with you.

With bird photography you normally imagine the equipment to be of high quality and expensive, and in most cases you will be correct. On this particular day I was out walking the dog, with no equipment other than a pair of binoculars, a little Nikon mirrorless camera and a small 10-100mm zoom lens (only a few inches long).

On entering the hide I was confronted with the paparazzi of the bird world; everyone had lenses as long as the Channel Tunnel and enough equipment to film the next sequence of Star Wars. Feeling somewhat embarrassed I kept my little camera safely in my coat pocket. After only a very short period of time this kingfisher landed within about three feet of the hide. Now there is one thing that a 500mm lens cannot do and that is to focus at such a short distance, and nearly everyone went into panic mode to swap lenses.

Whilst they had their heads in their kit bags I had my camera out of the pocket, snapped half a dozen shots, hand held at 400 ISO and 1/200 sec and watched the bird fly away before the rest had time to take off their lens covers. I made a hasty retreat!!

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